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Coaching Session with Steve Morris 4

12 April 18

Wow how much difference are Steve and Chris making to the sound of the chorus and how well is each individual responding. We should all be proud of how well we are singing and performing and the unity we are developing. As Steve says "It was evident that you had worked hard at home on the specifics that we mentioned last week, so well done and thank you". Don't worry about mouth shapes -what is more important is making the right sound. No need to introduce tension with a forced square mouth shape but equally no wide mouthed frogs on 'eee' vowels. Don't forget to email Dave P. and Steve Morris with: • ‘One Big Thing’ – something on which you would like to work personally as a singer • Aspirations for the chorus – what is your vision for Solent City?

Coaching with Steve Morris 2

28 March 18

Another rewarding coaching Session on 28th March. No risers but plenty of harmonies and...ringing chords and.....OVERTONES. congratulations to all those who attended and you were well rewarded for your commitment, patience and hard work. In Coaching session 1 we raised the bar, we sang together, sang quietly and started listening to each other. In this session we built on this and sang exceptionally well and added performance. Steve's key message to us was "BELIEF - you can sing the notes and words and in parts there is some good singing.You are as good as you want to be as a chorus its about belief and confidence" Another coaching session next week to look forward to. Let's not forget all the great work Chris Tweed has done unifying the and focussing the chorus without which none of this would have happened. Exciting times at Solent City :)

Making Music - Making Local Connections

18 March 18