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New Polo Shirts

24 February 18

New Solent City Chorus Polo shirts 💥 Wednesdays will never be the same again. 🎼The chords will ring so much better in navy blue. 😁Wear with Pompey Pride

Solent City Evening Meal

15 February 18

So the delayed Christmas Party was great fun. We had a meal at the Chairmakers Pub in Worlds End, Denmead, Hampshire. The event was well attended and we all had a good time. Singing not the best we have ever done but it sounded ok to those of us who had been drinking ( Videos not posted to protect the innocent). More pictures and videos on our Facebook Page. Many thanks to Jackie for doing such a great job organising the event and an even better job of getting the menu choices and money out of people We must do this again next year :)

Barbershoper of the Month

08 February 18

David Wilson was selected as the Barbershopper of the Month on Wednesday evening in recognition of his excellent work on building the profile of the chorus as PRO, representing the chorus in Jackie's place at the BABS Chairman's meeting and for his all round contribution to the Chorus this month.
Very well deserved (and another award for the Bass section!).

Latest United and Reformed Chorus

06 December 17

Solent City Chorus entertaining the good ladies of the WI at Havant United Reform Church on Wednesday 6th December under the direction of Chris Tweed. They enjoyed the mix of traditional and pop numbers in our repertoire particularly Hello Mary Lou and My Girl, with Dave Potts majestically from the ranks to claim the girl.
We led the WI in some traditional carols and then Jingle-bell rocked them with a few of our favourites to finish. A warm and enthusiastic response was received from a lovely audience.
Also our Chorus Manager proved he still has it by chasing after the women. Alas these days when he catches them - he can’t remember why he chased after them.
A wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

Christmas Joy for Chris

06 December 17

Chris Tweed had the honour (eeek!) of directing the chorus at the United Reform Church Sing out on 6th December having spend the last few weeks coaching us to sing better, breath better and hold pitch. Our challenge to do justice to his interesting and varied programme of barbershop songs and carols to be sung harmoniously (well most of the time). We delivered a fine performance and his reward was the lovely response from the audience who were really appreciative. Well done mate – you deserve it. In his own words. “ It was a great turn out tonight with a full bass section and you all sang and performed well tonight”

One Direction

25 November 17

Congratulations to Ian Barbeary our Lead section leader for acting as Musical Director for our sing-out at City Life Church on 25th of November.
He did a great job of directing us and we did nearly as good a job following him ! He even coped with our resident joker and Chorus Manager Richard Searle swopping the order of two of the songs.
Great job Ian . Watch out we might ask you to do it again ;)

City Life Sing Out

25 November 17

Solent City Chorus clearly having fun at the City Life Church sing out. The chorus enthusiastically sang a range of repertoire songs and festive offerings. Well directed by Ian Barbeary and brilliantly supported by the wit and audience engagement of Richard Searle.
The good balance of parts produced good harmonies. The audience clapped along to Amarillo without prompting and enjoyed our special interpretation of My Girl. We sang Coventry Carol beautifully and a cheery rendition of Let it Show. The audience seemed to enjoy it nearly as much as we did.

Goodbye Vincent

27 September 17

Sadly, last Wednesday was Vincent’s last night as our Music Director. We will miss his Musical knowledge, patience and enthusiasm to develop the chorus in the Barbershop style. As with many things in life, it is when it is no longer there that you realise exactly how important it is. We will know doubt feel that way over the next few weeks.
We wish Vincent well in his future musical career and thank him for everything he has done for the chorus. He clearly enjoyed the musically themed farewell cake which Andy Douglas had produced as did we all when we had a slice with our tea. Vincent was also very pleased with gift to recognise his contribution.

We must also thank our AMD, Chris Tweed, for agreeing to step into the breech until our new MD is recruited.

New Committee

27 September 17

Our new committee was elected at the club AGM, with Jackie Mumford elected in as our new Chair. Details of the new committee members are on the Committee page. Minutes of he AGM will be sent out soon.

Barbershoper of the Year

27 September 17

Dave Potts was selected as the clubs Barbershopper of the Year in the vote held immediately following the AGM.
Dave said was very proud and humbled to be selected.
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